MyMy studio in the real world is rather like the studio here in the virtual world - a bit on the busy side with lots of things going on. I may be researching a map in this corner, painting a sign-in board in that. My drawing table may be covered with sketches for a monogram which must be moved to make way for a stack of envelopes which need to be addressed.
The chaotic overlapping has good results, however. What I bring to one job may be inspired by another, seemingly unrelated piece.
.....In the examples of celebratory calligraphy and design that follow, you’ll see how the different components of a formal invitation – the envelope, the invitation, and the map-and-directions card – all contribute to the tone and the theme of your gathering. And you’ll also see how other components (such as maps, monograms, and sign-in boards) can make an equally deep impression upon your guests. Take a look at some of the examples on the links below. You’ll never think of calligraphy and invitation design the same way again!.

Calligraphy Envelopes, place cards et cetera

Invitations For Weddings or Parties

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Designed to suit

Monograms Designed from scratch

Maps Help navigate your guests in an artful way

Birth Announcements for the above average child

Life Maps Recording your journey through time and space

Boards For a "suitable for framing" souvenir

House Portraits Stone, glass and wood in pen and ink

Tattoos Designed to your specifications

Bookplates for your Library

Coats of Arms and Flags for your Castle

Holiday Cards Seasonal cards with sophistication

Other Services "Rendered"

Illustrations * Art * Font Design * Tee Shirts

Logos and Business Cards * Postage Stamps

Change of Address Cards * Hobby Cards

FAQs * Links ...Artist's Bio *Fan Mail

Pricing of my services is somewhat complicated. I'll give you an idea of what you might expect to pay here: Pricing.

New!! Check out the "What's New" page.

Also my NEW flickr page has a number of projects on display. Please check it out here.

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