The Art of Business.

Business cards, announcements, logos and the like need not be dull to attract new clients to your shop.

If you want a sophisticated clientelle make sure the collateral they see is equally sophisticated. Don't aim for the lowest common denominator, unless those are the people you want stumbling about your china shop.

Pictures speak a thousand words, give or take a few. They may suggest a particular mood through the style of rendering.

Couple the image with the correct printed words and you'll be on your way to a corporate identity!

More simplified are these images. OmniSource ia a global importer and exporter of fish.

MJS Design is a graphic design firm rooted in the rich tradition of the printing press. The logo was made to resemble the lead type used in the old Lineotype machinery.

Dyeable Shoes has this image as the logo. The terminal ends of the initials color the shoes to match the wedding dress.
The logo shown above was designed in such a manner to allow for variations.

The talented tail of the "R" not only can hold the gavel, but point to the location on a map.

It came in very handy for directional signage as well.

Make all your graphic items belong to the same family, visually speaking. Yet make sure the design of each element is done with care. Enlarging a business card to be used on a six foot long banner will just not do. Chances are the proportions of the banner are different from that of the card.

Don't stop the design work once you have a logo and letterhead. Everything you put out there from the website to posters to the color of the upolstry of your corporate jet can be thoughtfully chosen to fit your aesthetic.

Even the labels you put on a shipping box can be unique to you.

Now that you have their business, don't send them an over-the-counter store-bought invoice. Send them something as individual as the products you sell. This is what I send out to my clients.

It arrives in the envelope shown below.

It doesn't happen very often, but, should I need to send out a reminder, this is what arrives in the post.

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