FAQ No. 1

How do you get the script to have such a varied line?

Scroll down to see the answer.

Well, not exactly magic, but pretty close!

The pen I use to address your envelopes is nearly 150 years old, yet still going strong! Some pens of that era had 14 karat gold nibs which allowed for great flexibility in lineweight. They can create a fine line almost impossible to see to one about a quarter inch in thickness. I control the line weight by applying pressure on the downstroke, but the pen does most of the work! Like magic.

FAQ No. 2

Why do you do design work for weddings rather than for big business?

Designing for big business is designing for the very lowest common denominator. You need to please everone in the board room to start with. Compromises will need to be made and soon a good idea turns to mush. The company, too, is looking to have everyone on the planet understand and buy the product they are trying to sell. The design I'd need to come up with, then, would need to be understood by the dimmest bulb.
Weddings, on the other hand, are not for just anybody. You are inviting your close friends and family to an event that is highly personal. There is no "Mr. & Mrs. Lowest Common Denominator" among your guests. Since everyone on the guest list knows about you to begin with the invitation design can be something sophisticated drawing upon that shared knowledge.

FAQ No. 3

How much will it cost?

That's a good question, and a very hard one to answer. Since most of the maps, monograms, and invitation design is done from scratch, and since every client has their own personal tastes and needs it is hard to come up with a simple answer, or even a simple formula for estimating the cost. Sometimes the simpler-looking designs take longer, and therefore might cost more than one that looks more complex.
Generally, though, it is fair to say that the more organized and restrictive the client is about what they are looking for the less expensive the job may be. The more times that a client may change his or her mind, the more costly a project becomes as more time is spent reworking an idea or starting all over again, from scratch.
Send me an email describing your needs and I'll try to come up with an estimate for you.

FAQ No. 4

What about the printing?

The invitation or map can be produced a number of ways. I can send you the digital files which you can bring to your professonal printer to have offset printed, engraved, or letterpressed. You can also print them yourself from your own computer. If your invitation design is anything other than the standard 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper I'd not recommend you printing them yourself.
I, too, can produce the maps and invitations here from my computer and printer. Costs of printing the items are based on an hourly rate. Printing, folding and trimming the paper to size is charged at 30 dollars per hour plus the costs of the paper and ink. I can give you estimates on production costs once I realize how large the pieces may be as well as the quantity you'll require.