Hobby and Collector Calling Cards made to order.

No matter what your profession, have Pier Gustafson design a card emphasizing your passion!
Here are a few examples of the numerous cards he's designed for many collectors in the pen-collecting world.
This first set shows designs which depict the collector's specific interest. We collectors have, often, a narrow range of focus, so why not have that illustrated in the card you use to further your collection?
Rather than a generic image of any old pen, have the card show only the one you really want.
As many of your fellow collectors have a sophisticated knowledge of the subject,
you need not even show the entire pen, just the part that is unique to it.
As for the copy, plan on including ONLY what you really need for your contact information.
Should you have no use for a fax, don't include a fax number.
If you change internet providers every other day,
perhaps including a soon-to-be-out-of-date e-mail address isn't a good idea.

Some collectors have wished to include their profession on their hobby-cards.
This may help the antique dealer remember who you are amongst the throng of other people in that field.
Pier will try to discover a way in which to combine both the profession and the hobby within one single image.

For those of you who prefer to remain a bit anonymous, perhaps these card ideas will work better for you.
They show pens as simply a decorative border for the information you'd want to convey.

The cost for the designs of these cards varies on both the degree of detail involved in their design as well as their use(s).
To design an image that is to be used for a business card and a tee-shirt, for example, will run more than one designed for a single use.
The designs remain the property of the artist. The buyer of the design may not "re-sell" it to another. Cards may also be designed for businesses.

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