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Below you'll find some fan mail received by my happy customers as well as comments by some who found me on the web and just wanted to say an nice word or two.

The invite is a HIT.... Such accolades...thanks for making me look good - the credit is yours...too fun!

A.R., Atlanta, Georgia

That is absolutely, hands down, 100%, the best baby announcement I have ever seen!

L.G to P.S, Washington, DC

About the only reason I can think of to get married is to have you design the invitations!

S.B., Houston, Texas

You cannot believe the response! For days I saved the best phone rsvps to somehow send to you so you could hear them, but David said there was no way we could do that without making you a tape. (Hey, what’s a tape these days?) Anyway, no one, and I mean no one can believe the triple-birthday invitation. They all, young, old, presumptuous, nifty – all types of people are gushing about it. It is so much fun! Bravo, Pier. I cannot wait to do more with you!

M.H., Greensboro, N.C.

Hey, Pier. Here's an email from a guest, "I received your wedding invite in today's mail. IT IS
BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Seriously, it is the prettiest wedding invitation I have
ever received. Your calligraphy person has amazing writing and the whole
package is just great. You have excellent taste......I can't wait to see
what the actual wedding brings."

You are a Pen God! T.S., Malibu California

I went through your web page, I was looking for maps for a project I have to do (I sutdy graphic design in Colombia, at Universidad Nacional de Colombia), and I LOVED them. Just wanted to tell you that youre doing a very good work and it sure helped me creating ideas for my own map!

Thanks, Diana Zuleta

Just happened across your website tonight and though I have no need for your services at present, I sure wish I did! Your work is beautifully rendered, clever AND funny as hell. I can't recall ever having so many simultaneous reactions to graphic design. Thanks for existing...you rock!


Pier did the calligraphy my wedding invitations and the results were spectacular!  So many guests called after receiving their invitations to say that they had never seen such beautiful script and they felt as if they were being invited to a royal ball.  Pier's work will not go unnoticed and will set an elegant tone for the festivities to come.

K. H., Boston, Massachusetts

I've worked with Pier for years.  He's made several sign-in boards for me: one, for an eighteenth-century costume party, was a clever reworking of the Declaration of Independence, with space for signers at the bottom; another, for a wedding party in Madrid, was based on a group portrait by Goya, with cartoon "baloons" for all the guests to inscribe: and a third, showing a prize pig, was for the 50th birthday of a proud member of Harvard's Porcellian Club. 
He's done an invitation for me in the style of an 16th-century map, a logo for my own birthday celebration--the list goes on.  His imagination is boundless--when we come up with an idea together, he always adds a twist that I never would have thought of.  I recommend him to all my friends, and they love what he does for them--holiday cards, change-of address cards, wedding maps, personal stationery, you name it!

G.S., Boston, Massachusetts

We really enjoyed working with Pier on our project.  The trip to his studio was truly a "trip."  In the end, the finished product was something that our guests really enjoyed.  Framed, it hangs in our bedroom where we see it every day.  We liked it so much we engaged Pier again later to do it for my brother's wedding.

Your HUGE Fan, J.F., Boston, Massachusetts

I still hear from people that we had the best wedding invitation they had ever seen. I saw and old friend recently who couldn’t come because she was in the midst of opening a restaurant at the time. She has our Brooklyn Bridge invitation in a nice frame hanging above her cash register!

B.G., New York, New York

I really loved working with Pier on my christmas card design. We talked about what might be best, he drew up a few amazing sketches, and suddenly I had the most delightful set of snowflakes made up of all my favorite things. The card and matching envelopes were the envy of all my friends, and great conversation pieces as well. I wish I could have him design all my cards, notes and letters!

J.S., New York, New York

A friend of mine claims to have "stared for hours at the beautiful calligraphy" on her invitation!  I loved the embellishment on our chosen theme, and the way your designs unified the event from start to finish.  The invitation-map was fun, elegant, and functional.  We loved the banners and still have one up outside our house!  Your program design was a perfect complement to the banners and invitations.  You were always accommodating to changes in seemingly minute details and seem very organized.

H.O., Blue Hill, Maine

My husband and I were thrilled with Pier's beautiful calligraphy and his quick turnaround time.  We received more compliments on the envelopes than on the invitations (we should have had Pier design them)! 
Guests loved to see their names written in Pier's one-of-a-kind style!

C. H.,  Chicago, Illinois

....Our bottom line and final word is this:  if you have a project of any kind that calls for creative calligraphy or zany art, we highly encourage you bring it to Mr. Gustafson and then hope he’ll say "Yes."

Sincerely, The Gang at Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater, Steven Oney, author/producer

Working with Pier was among the most enjoyable aspects of our entire wedding planning process. With incredible originality, attention to detail and close collaboration with his clients, Pier created something magical and unexpected for us at every turn. To give you just one example of the awe inspired in our guests by his beautiful calligraphy on the wedding invitation envelopes, my sister called upon receiving hers and said that her family was outside looking around for a white owl who had just delivered the envelope and that they were excited because they thought their child had just been admitted to Hogwarts!

S.M., Boston, Massachusetts

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Pier. The work he did for our wedding was more than"caligraphy". Pier is a true artisan. He can make the simple act of an invitation look like a piece of art. Many of the folks who were invited to the wedding saved the invitation envelope because it was so painstakingly beautiful. We have our's framed and hanging in our sitting room. Not only is Pier gifted, but a willing artistic collaborator, that helped us bring our vision of "personal- history-postcard-escort-cards" to life.

D.C., Boston, Massachusetts

Great responses about the holiday card you designed! In fact, a radio station in Connecticut just called to book me after receiving it!

Jodi Smith, Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Working with Pier on our wedding invitation was one of the highlights of my wedding planning experience.  We worked together online and over the phone for a period of two weeks, and it was such an amazingly fluid process.  Pier heard my vision and then was able to really tell me from an artistic and design perspective what he thoguht would work and what wouldn't. As a result of our collaboration, we had such a beautiful map of the lake that I had spent all of my summers growing up on in Montana.  Our wedding guests raved over the invitations, specifically, Pier's map, and they all thought it added such an artistic element to the presentation; some even framed it, while others felt that it was like a gift. I have a feeling Pier's map for our wedding will be kept for years to come.  

C.J., Berkeley, California

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