The next time you plan on giving a party, consider having me design something special to announce it. One such invite is shown above.

Tony received his, delighted he would be the center of attention. Unbeknownst to Tony, Bradford got one just like it, excepting that Bradford's name was listed as special guest. In fact all my guests arrived that night thinking each was the "diva du jour".

You should have seen the cat fights at my place that night!

These days, with the convienience of home computers and printers we are able to individualize each and every invitation.

Incorporating the text of an invitation within the drawing itself is something that makes these one-of-a-kind.

These all gave a suggestion to the guests what was to be on the menu.

Remeber: the people you invite to your parties are pretty clever: they know your taste. Set the bar HIGH.

Guests that attend my parties expect that a little bit of work is required to figure out what the invitation actually says. It's all there, though, in black and white.

Omit the obvious. If everyone knows your address, just leave that off....makes more room for the fun stuff.

Here's another invitation that I used to invite folks to another of my soirees. Here the command "You will attend a soiree at Pier's" is readable among the usual vauge predictions in the crystal ball's foggy orb.

Guests arrived to the party to find a large sign-in board drawn with a similar image. They were invited to write what they themselves wanted in their future. Among rather vague hopes of "world peace", "hapiness" and "more parties at Pier's" was the following:

"Dinner for two? call 612 881 7746"

that one, at least, turned out to come true!

Have me design an "invitation / sign-in board combo" for your next party.

The cost of an invitation design or creating a sign-in board starts at about 350 each.

Check out some of the party sign-in boards that I have created for various celebrations.

I designed this for my brother's 40th.

He's rather low-key and informal and a pyromaniac, to boot. There's usually a bonfire involved.

This fits the bill, don't you think?

Animated architect's tools suggested the fun guests were to have at this celebration.

Tools of the chef's trade were added to this jack knife in an illustration used for a cullinary camping trip for the staff of a swank restaurant in Boston. No baked beans were planned for their menu.
One need not follow the tradition when it comes to an invitation. You can have it for any event and it can be designed to be any shape. This one was cut out to resemble the patches one forms to make a quilt.
This image was created for a switched-gender production of a musical: men played the faries and women the bearded aristocrats.
This "Sweet Sixteen" party invitation was inspired by the Iolanthe poster. The client loved the long evening gloves. I drew stylized gloves to be used on the RSVP card and the transportation instructions. Of course, the drawings are different....why do the same thing twice?
Here's two versions of the thank you card I printed to match the invitations.
A lecture at a ladies club luncheon had this image as it's central design element with the guest speaker's name in the boquet.

A smaller version, used as a place card, had the delicate fronds encircling the attendees name.

Continue any graphic design work throughout ALL the elements of an event.

A selection of Bar-Mitzvah invitations can be found here.

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