Bar/Bat-Mitzvah invitations and Sign-In Boards

This invitation was designed for a boy who loved building things with sophisticated construction toys. The plan for his monumental monogram is on the cover of the invite, with the completed construction on the right.

Note how the top view of the construction, seen on the blueprint, resembles a Star of David.

George's Bar Mitzvah invitation had an elegant leaf motif.
His sister, Lily, not to be out-done, insisted on something much bigger, complex and more colorful. You see it below.
Some elements of the invitation were used on the following items: table numbers, place cards and the return address sticker.
Boards

Made to order for Bat and Bar-Mitvahs will provide a framable keepsake of the event.

Guests inscribe their well-wishes upon the image designed to fit the theme of the party or the invitation.

The Torah's scroll meanders in and out of the letters that make up the girl's name. Guests would inscribe their wishes on the banner. Sophie's brother, Max, chose the more masculine colors for his shown below.
Themed Sign-In Boards are shown below.
Many sign-in boards have a particlar theme to them. Some can match the theme of the party, others will display an interest of the boy or girl. While trying to decide which of Richie's many interests we might use for the board, his mother mentioned he loves current events. The newspaper became the perfect the "medium" for the message. I included some sub headlines which illustrated some of his interests and guests added their own stories in the blank areas as you see below.
Perhaps less complicated, George's pals simply autographed the baseball.
Left to their own devices, guests at a party tend to write generalities such as "You rock!" or "Congratulations." Rather uninteresting, unfortunately. Instead, you might want to focus their comments by directing them a bit. Ask them to answer a specific question, for example. In the one above, Ezra's friends were to re-cast their name on the Risk board as if their names were the name of a country: Susanekistan, Pierlandia, and The Federated States of Bob.

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