Pier's Pricing Calculator



Outer envelopes are 3 each,
Inner envelopes are 1.50 each.
A return address is 1.00 each.

Place cards or escort cards are 1.50 each.

Should I be asked to write in white ink, the cost will increase by 1.00 for the envelopes,
50 cents for the place cards. Gold and silver inks are unadvisable as the fine lines that make up most of my calligraphy are not possible with metallic inks.

PLEASE NOTE: Crane's Paper is presently producing a product that is specially designed for the letterpress. It is called Lettra. Though it may look lovely and take ink well from a printing press it DOES NOT WORK for any handwritten calligraphy. Even the spokesperson at Crane's told me "You're not supposed to write on the envelopes." If you plan on having your invitations letterpressed, please advise the printer not to use that paper for the envelopes.

There may be other papers, too, that are less compatible to the sort of calligraphy I do. I'm happy to do a test run on them.

At the present time I do not offer calligraphing of poems, wedding contracts and the like.

Boards

Sign-In Boards for weddings are 400 each (unless the size is larger than my standard size).

Boards for other events start at 400.


The designs start at 250. Most run around 350, but can go higher. Some actual monograms and their design costs can be seen here. (Printing costs are not included.)

Invitation Design

Designing wedding invitations (including the RSVP card, etc.) start at 450. Some actual invitations and their design costs can be seen here. (Printing costs are NOT included.)

Other party invitations, birth announcements etc. (which don't have the associated collateral materials) start at 250. If the invitation includes RSVP cards, etc., then the costs are similar to that of the wedding invitation.

Map Design

They start at 400. Most run a little more, though some can cost much more. Some actual maps with their associated design costs can be viewed here. (Printing costs are not included.)

General Rules of Thumb

Hours at my desk working on any given project is what the client will pay me for, essentially. The more time, the greater cost. The larger the project, whether it be physical size, numbers of words, numbers of colors, etc, will most likely reflect in a greater cost. If unplanned changes to a design need to be made additional costs will reflect those changes.

If work needs to be done immediately, or requires that I stop work on other jobs to fit yours in, chances are there will be a "rush charge" associated with that job.

If your design needs to be "rendered" in some particular graphic format there may be added costs associated with that transfer from an ink drawing to a (vector-based) digital file.

Advice on how to keep your costs as low as possible:

Be clear and concise with your needs. The more prepared you are the faster we get to the design work. Should you be hiring me to do a number of jobs (an invitation, a map , and calligraphy, for example) the costs may go down slightly. Any additions or changes to what was originally decided upon will make for added charges, so please plan ahead!

I am more than happy to give you a free estimate on the design costs of a job. Please email me with your specific plans and I'll email you a price-range. If there's a design on my site that you feel is "similar" to something you'd like let me know what it is. That can help me with the estimate. Please study the pricing examples I offer on my site.

Thank you!

In the vastness of cyberspace you'll find numerous sites that may provide many of the services I offer, some at a lower cost. I have confidence, however, that you'll not find a single site that can provide ALL of the services that you have right here.