A charming, inventive invitation is a crucial to the success of any well-planned party.  An imaginative invitation immediately alerts guests to the fun that awaits – and lets them know that this isn’t just another stuffy formal affair, but instead a grand adventure.  Opening an ingenious, handcrafted invitation which has been drawn up with humor, grace, style, your guests will immediately feel a full-body shiver of delight – thus beginning a state of happy anticipation which will last right up until the moment of the party!

The best invitations call for a truly evocative calligraphy – not just run-of-the-mill fancy handwriting, but real old-fashioned penmanship that communicates with visual energy and enthusiasm. These days, handwriting which communicates with excitement and high style is nearly a lost art.  People who receive invitations with handwriting of this sort immediately know they are being included in something fine, special and rare.

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