Don't you just hate those fill-in-the-blank birth announcements?

Name: _________________

Sex: M___ F___ Other___

The poor kid hasn't got a chance!

Order one from me and your baby will not be a "generic humanoid",
but will start life off as a true individual.

My nephew's arrival was announced via the missive at left. His pre-natal history from conception to the birth is shown in the imagry on the postage stamps accomanying letters addressed to him as OCCUPANT.
Storks appear on these cards delivering the bundles of joy.

At left the image has a movie-poster look. That growing family loves film, so that became the motif for their announcement.

In the one at right the poor thing has double duty as the stork also delivered the growing family's new (rather heavy) home along with the bouncing baby.

Cards can do double duty, too. If there's a way to have a card designed to convey two or more messages in one, why not?

Just don't wait too long. A birth announcement doubling as a bar-mitzvah invite might make you look a bit disorganized.

Here's a charming announcement based on the popular children's book.

A portion of the broken eggshell becomes the ducal crown of the first-born son.

Lyssa was born just before Christmas so I suggested that the birth announcement could be paired up with the holiday greeting. Two messages for the price of one stamp. Other examples of saving a tree are shown above right with the third child of a snow-globe collector, and below with customized baby-related flakes.
Swiss-made....or at least born, children were announced in the inscription of a watch and the mountain range of a cartographic map.

The next in the series of Swiss siblings may include images inspired by cheese or something bankerly.

Two psychiatrists announced the birth of their son with this appropriate image.

I wonder whether the cigars they handed out had any hidden meaning.

We can revisit earlier designs when more players join the family team.

In addition to the autographed balls, these show the home stadiums of both the proud parents and the prouder grandparents.

A stylized sailor suit collar and neckerchief becomes the border of a card announcing the birth of a yachtsman's son. The small paper boat appeared on the cover of a thank-you card.
Similar profiles are shown on the cover and interior of the invitation to a baby shower.
An engraved baby shower invitation has a distintlyVictorian look to it.
This announcement cover contains images associated with any childhood, but the ones chosen had special meaning to the mother. When we design something from scratch we can include anything that is important to YOU.
A very simple and elegant announcement is the one above. The decorative elements are small, tasteful and meaninful in the (Asian) Indian traditions.

(They thought there's no need for the dimensions and tonnage to be listed.)

The one above shows the previous generations of the family tree.

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