Let people know how to find you.

These folks described their house as tiny, which brought to my mind the Monopoly game board.

They live in New Hampshire, so the Free Parking space has been emphasized as the natives would have done so.

Rather more grand was this address shown as if sculpted on the building's escutcheon.

The flip side had the owner's information typeset.

Click on the image to see a close-up detail.

Moving cards can tell a bit of a story, too. You might as well. Costs the same in postage regardless of the ink.
These folks have lived in many places throughout their lives both before they met one other and afterwords. Each individual's geographic history is shown on the monogrammed luggage. Each baggage sticker tells of places they once called home. Now they have a new SHARED home which is symbolized by the hat-box on top. Opening the card you see a close-up. It is covered with stickers spelling out the new street address and each person's email and phone numbers. (Telemarketers: these numbers and names have been changed to protect them from your call...and they just finished covering their home with new aluminum siding, anyhow)
This announcement was designed for a woman who decided to take the huge financial plunge and buy rather than rent.

She asked me to emphasize the fact that she would finally have the space in which to paint and de-emphasize all she had to give up. No more yearly trips to Paris -- she had a mortgage to pay! No more fancy dinner parties - she had no room for a large table. No more roof-deck, no more fireplace, and no more Kitty. Poor old Kitty. Kitty didn't survive the move.

All the things she had to give up are shown in the numerous paintings that fill her new studio.

Click on the image to see a detail.

Here's a moving card which also doubles as a house-warming party invitation.

This was sent to the building contractors who worked on the project making their
"Dream a Reality".

One couple migrated from the warmth of Florida to the frigid temperatures of Minnesota.

The architecture of both climes were shown on their card.

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