'tis the Season,
'twas the Season,
'twill be the Season again very soon.

Holiday cards designed especially for you!

A writer asked me to design the card at left.

Snowflake images are composed of tools of his trade drawn six times over into a flake-shape.

His pooch, Lovey, is also represented by the bone and dog collar.

A pen collector commissioned the card at right which shows a sterling silver pen (engraved with holly leaves) morphed into a wreath.

The card at left shows another wreath made up of the names and wedding date of a newlywed couple. This served as a holiday card as well as a thank-you card sent to guests of their wedding.
A year later that same couple had another event to announce on their Holiday card.
An accountant and her computer programmer husband had me design something for their business holiday cards.

You see it at the left.

Hand-Wrought Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths need not be made of dead vegetable matter. In the urban world, in which most of us live, trees are few and far between so why continue that tired outmoded tradition. Let's modernize it!

I have designed and created wreaths using man-made objects. Each was designed for people having particular professions or hobbies.

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