Examples of Invitation Design Costs

Each job I take on is unique. So too, each has a unique price to their creation. The examples shown below include a description "itemizing" some aspects of the invitation and their associated costs to help you "figure" a ballpark estimate for one I design for you. For wedding invitations the cost will include the designs of the RSVP card as well. The design cost DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of the printing of the piece.


An invitation that is typeset can have calligraphed elements that add punch. That same punch appears on each of the elements.

If the invitation was all typset, the cost would go down a bit.

The text was very traditional and provided to me with no need of my editing. Sometimes the client wants the wording to be new and different and out of the ordinary. I can certainly assist in the composition (should it be needed), but that service adds cost.

If you have an invitation in the works, but simply want me to provide the calligraphed elements, that is possible, too. The cost runs from 125 to 200 depending on the number of elements you require.


Hand-lettering the entire invitation shown (and all the other elements) is possible. That cost includes providing the master copy for print.

Hand lettering something less wordy, such as a garden party, or birth announcement or shower, would run much less.


The long banner invite below would cost more for obvious reasons.


This invitation for a family picnic was designed in a loose sketchy style to match the informality of the event.

Should the drawing have been rendered in pen and ink, and drawn in a "tighter" manner, suggestive of a more formal occasion, the cost may have gone up to 600 or so, not because of the formality, certainly, but because of the more detailed rendering style.