More Hand-Wrought Invitations

The following suite of graphic work was initially inspired by the idea of the (yet unbaked) cake shown above.

David Beahm, the famed event planner, asked me to design the invitation and map for two of his clients. He described the design of wedding cake which was inspired by the formal gardens of Colonial Williamsburg, the location of the ceremony.

I loved the idea, and off I went in topiary mode.

Taking the idea of scuplting greenery and running with it and the pruning shears, I came up with the following.

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Here is what you first see as you remove the invitation from the envelope.
A simple sphere of boxwood in a Versailles Box carrying the intials V and C.
Fully opened you see the silhouettes of Victoria and Charles looking at one another.

This idea was inspired by their wedding cake, which had layers of topiary between each layer of cake. Every dinner table, too, had a sculpted geometric topiary.

The venue, Colonial Williamsburg and its gardens filled with topiary, inspired the cake, which, in turn, inspired the invitation.
This map, also topiary, was rolled up with a sprig of boxwood placed in guests' gift baskets.

Here you see the sculpted profiles appear joined at the church where
Victoria and Charles were joined. Cocktail party, dinner reception and lodging were also depicted on the map.

A place card is shown above, the thank you note, below.
A placid New England lake is shown on this invitation, which when open, becomes a 21 inch long panorama.
The invitation's envelope contained a map directing people to the location from Maine and Boston.

The back included detailed hotel information.

Those who were invited to the rehearsal dinner received the invitation below in their envelopes.

Tables were named for Moose Lake's many islands. Inside of each escort envelope was a tiny version of the table sign, directing people to the correct anchorage.
The boat image was used again for the thank-you notes.

Not tying the knot?

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