Here's a collection of monograms based on the same three initials: YMH.
A typical over-the-top Victorian or Gothic monogram you see above.

More follow below:

The same sort of over-the-topped-ness can be done with cursive lettering.
And even more curly.
You may have noticed that the three initals are symmetrical. The balance is obviously exhibited in these two groupings.
The symmetry exists also between the lower case H and Y in both in script and in a printed form, so we can play with that balance as well.
We can compose the three initials in a particular shape: a circle, oval, triangle or hexagon.
We can also sculpt them.
How might they be used?

Often for a wedding. Above you see a few examples suited for a union.

The monogram cold be used to announce a change of address, a birth of a new child and be part of a holiday greeting.
They could showcase your personality, your hobbies and what have you.
Your monogram can be as unique as your fingerprint.

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